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Put a smile on someone's face with an incredibly cheerful video message from our friends from Africa, the most original personalized gift for your loved one. A gift you will never forget! 💕

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Step 1

Select a video from one of our categories.

Step 2

Add your favorite song for the group to dance to.


Personalize the board and choose the phrase for the group to recite.


Complete! The finished video will be emailed to you in 1-3 business days

The goal of is to bring a smile to the world.

Send unforgettable video messages to friends and acquaintances, while helping people living in poverty. With our innovative service "Surprise Videos from Around the World," you can create the perfect gift.

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To ensure that each video is full of passion and life energy, as well as to expedite delivery to customers, we shoot a limited number of videos each day. We guarantee that after placing an order by each customer, we maintain the quality of the shooting and deliver the video within 2-3 days.

In our free time, we rehearse more dances to improve the quality of the video and bring smiles to everyone who receives it. Our goal is to provide more satisfying video effects for those who support us.

Your order will support our work across the continent to ensure a more prosperous life for Africans.